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Learn how to work, operate and be a part of crews that are responsible for the assembly and movement of trains in our new 6-month Rail Operations Training Program. With an emphasis on classroom lecture combined with hands-on training, this 42 credit hour program will teach students the fundamentals of train conducting over the course of six months. After attending our railroad training school, you will be qualified to become a conductor, yardsman, switchman or eventually an engineer. The railroad industry is known for lifelong, family-wage careers and we have a great Career Services department to help you reach the ultimate goal; railroad employment. Contact us today for more information about getting started with your railroad career.

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Please note: if any felonies, and/or certain misdemeanors, appear on your criminal history, you cannot be employed by certain railroads (Class 1). Those misdemeanors would include: person to person acts of violence, theft/burglary or drug/alcohol (including DUIs within the past 3 years) related convictions.

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Unfortunately, due to industry regulations, if a felony appears on your criminal history you cannot be employed in rail operations and therefore you cannot currently be enrolled in our program.

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